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There are dozens of heritage buildings which have been maintained and dully adopted for successful commercial attraction in Bandung. Bandung has been known for its creativity to develop a value added material. It could be a household good, garment, culinary dishes, snack and even collaborating modern style to an old colonial house.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This Grandma’s House has mix dishes of old style and today’s chic culinary. Located amongst lush green park within “Old European District” and it is in close proximity  to Gedung Sate. The house is a popular place to young generation hang out place, it has live music to suit as such regularly.

We have looked upon two distinct heritage houses, one being 1928 Geology Museum and the other one Saskava Guest House. Both building might have been constructed for Dutch Indies Government’s office purposes, with lots of striking resemblances. Symmetrical configuration along North-South axis, with large and tall windows and doors. Both buildings have large parcel of lush lands and facing to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Rich characteristic of architecture style adopted by “CP. Schoemaker”, a famous architect who designed Villa Isola (now IKIP at Setiabudi St.). Isola is built upon the request of its owner DW. Berretty, the famous media tycoon in 1932. Berretty spent all his fortune to buid Isola (click this highlight for picture)

Another colonial house which is not covered here, yet it represents even earlier architecture style is available through the link at the right sidebar. It is a Factory outlet at Riau St. that conveniently called “The Heritage”. Totally refurbished in early 2000 at the height of “Outlet” euphoria in Bandung, It has successfully blend seamlessly old style with chic commercial trends.


Inside Grandma, it has authentic interior with furniture from the same era. This colonial aura greets you at the entrance, whilst its lighting system further enhances the ambience that even our own Grandma had not known yet. Marvelous and uniquely cosy, without sacrificing any of its heritage traits.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Photo of R.A. Kartini amongst antiquated VOC’s China, right above a large sliding door. Next to the door on the left corner is a vacuum tube radio standing elegantly. Tube is an advanced electronic apparatus in  1930s, much like transistor and processor in 1970s and 2000s respectively. Today tube is remanufactured again for high end audio system, as they superbly produce low frequency responses. A 50 odd years recycle fashion, which certainly should give us strong reasoning to preserve our heritage.

Going further past the sliding door, there is another equal exhibition of interior decoration with furniture to match. However the view is the inner court right through half circular large rows of windows. This is again representing those curvature style of art deco in 1930s!


What is the food like? Please head for my leisure activities!


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6 Comments on “Oldie Residential Building”

  1. Billah Says:

    punya mas brag ya ini???

  2. arlina Says:

    Beside a bit blurred, I think you should add more pictures so they can describe the real ‘roemah nenek’ .

    • saskava Says:

      I couldn’t agree more, my tiny flash did not reach those dark corners. Must go back again then. Thanks for your input Arlina. Those protocols at your blog is a “heavy” stuffs for me! Though it is one unique info of a kind, great work.

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